My pet peeves : how to make drivers safe

Manifesto of my pet peeves

Pet Peeve 1 : Why are people allowed to buy/use more cars than one ?

  Every day on the roads, I have to wait in line to get to work. Why ? Because the roads, wide as they can be, are clogged , with  cars  driving to work. Most of the shifts in government offices start at 7 am- so the rush hour in the morning is between 6:30 am to 7:00 am.And why are the roads of the city so clogged ? An average household has 2 cars – sometimes more. Even though many family members work at the same place, they prefer to drive there separately. Where has the sharing mentality gone ? Why can’t more people car pool ? Why can’t the government ban car agencies from selling more than one car to a family ? Why can’t there be safe roads with wide sidewalks for people to walk to work ? Any why can’t big organizations provide buses to bring people from designated places to work ? Is it such a privilege to have a car and drive to work ?

Pet Peeve 2 : Driving using two lanes at once

I find this ridiculous and I think this constitutes dangerous driving. People drive with the right set of wheels on the faster track and the left set of wheels on the slower track. The dangers of this situation, cannot be elaborated. The driver at the back needs to horn and let the driver in front know and this leads to unnecessary noise. Accidents can occur if the car at the back wants to move ahead and it finds the double lane moving car in front.

Pet Peeve 3 : Driving with the radio on

I do not understand the need for a radio in the car especially ones with a lot of channels to choose from. I believe we need to concentrate and drive and not listen to a RJ talk while driving. Many channels have competitions where drivers call up to answer questions asked by RJs.  During the time of their telephonic conversation with the RJ,  I dread to think of how the driver would be driving. Where would his concentration be ? What price the passengers in his car and the other cars on the road at that time ?

Pet Peeve 4 : Flashing headlights and driving  too close,  to intimidate drivers

Sometimes we are blinded by flashing headlights from the back  in our eyes, while we are driving at our own pace. It seems we are driving too slow for the driver behind, even though the speed limit is 80 kph and we are driving at near that. speed The driver behind wants us to move out of the way, as though they are police cars or ambulances, and in order to scare the daylights out of us leisurely drivers, they use blinding headlights.

Persistence with a thick skin

I read recently about how people used skills learned in business school inappropriately. “Business school teaches students to network for more business. So students take that at face value and try to network with famous people, and when they do get a response, they tell them to sign a Non disclosure agreement before they reveal any more.” 

I read from a famous writer’s blog that networking through different networks is essential to build up a career in freelancing. I have been trying to reach out to people on various networks, emailing people whom I have never seen or only communicated with once or twice, asking them to use my skills in writing if they ever needed to. 

I am now spending sleepless nights awaiting their responses. Of course, my negative mind tells me that I am going to get nasty emails back telling me to mind my own business but deep inside something hopes that maybe I will hit gold someday. You need to have a thick skin in the writing profession and I am hoping to develop it, slowly but surely.