Secret admirers

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I returned after a hard day at work, driving through unruly traffic only to find on my doorstep a bouquet of flowers. At first I thought I was seeing things. No one ever sent me flowers, not even on Valentine’s Day. May be a mistake. They do happen often in my life.

I bent down to take the bouquet of my favorite flowers – red roses ( without thorns) in my hands. There were like 25 big sized roses there in the bunch, all fresh and delicately scented with that fragrance only roses have. I felt the petals with my fingers- silky soft. I took the bunch and kept it against my face to feel its softness. So soft and so comforting. I felt my tiredness slipping away.

Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe someone really liked me enough to send me a bouquet. May be I had a secret admirer. I went through the list of people who might have sent me the bouquet :

1. The dog who I played with on the way to work

2. The watchman at the office building where I worked

3. The salesperson at the local supermarket

4. The person who sat next to me at the cinema last week ( we shared popcorn )

5. Or just some one unknown to me, who liked me .

Whoever it was, it made my day.

I looked into the bouquet to see if there was a card. No, none at all.

Wow . Like the movies. I had someone who admired me.

What for ?

What was there in me that people admired ?

I couldn’ t think of when I had last thought about my positives.

Was it my height and the way I held myself when I walked ?

Was it my kind and generous spirit that was noticed by someone, unknown to me ?

Was it my smile ?

Maybe it was my long hair.

Who knows ?

But some one had liked me enough to share some part of themselves with me.

And that made all the difference.

It’s a new day

 Its a new day. A gift from above. Taking stock of what I have. 

1. Good hair

2. Good teeth- no aches or cavities

3. Eyes that can see ( with spectacles)

4. Ears that can hear

5. A good appetite ( almost constantly hungry)

6. Plenty of clean water to drink ( though often forget to get my 8 glasses)

7. Healthy skin

8. An active mind 

9. Busy fingers, ready to type at my keyboard

10. A loving family

11. An indoor cat- so loving and beautiful

12. One mother cat and 5 kittens outside ( whom I have just fed- all kittens looking chubby after I started supplementing their diet)

13. My terrace garden, doing fairly well ( in spite of the intense heat)

14. My computer and keyboard

15. A positive spirit ( which does not give up, despite multiple rejections)

16. A few comments on my posts- new friends made on the net

I have a pretty long list to be thankful for. I read yesterday on a blog by “ Phara Joseph” that one must be grateful even in adversity. For these things are sent to test us. And if we hold on, we will reach our goal and sometimes even surprise ourselves. 

Happy day everyone