Secret admirers

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I returned after a hard day at work, driving through unruly traffic only to find on my doorstep a bouquet of flowers. At first I thought I was seeing things. No one ever sent me flowers, not even on Valentine’s Day. May be a mistake. They do happen often in my life.

I bent down to take the bouquet of my favorite flowers – red roses ( without thorns) in my hands. There were like 25 big sized roses there in the bunch, all fresh and delicately scented with that fragrance only roses have. I felt the petals with my fingers- silky soft. I took the bunch and kept it against my face to feel its softness. So soft and so comforting. I felt my tiredness slipping away.

Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe someone really liked me enough to send me a bouquet. May be I had a secret admirer. I went through the list of people who might have sent me the bouquet :

1. The dog who I played with on the way to work

2. The watchman at the office building where I worked

3. The salesperson at the local supermarket

4. The person who sat next to me at the cinema last week ( we shared popcorn )

5. Or just some one unknown to me, who liked me .

Whoever it was, it made my day.

I looked into the bouquet to see if there was a card. No, none at all.

Wow . Like the movies. I had someone who admired me.

What for ?

What was there in me that people admired ?

I couldn’ t think of when I had last thought about my positives.

Was it my height and the way I held myself when I walked ?

Was it my kind and generous spirit that was noticed by someone, unknown to me ?

Was it my smile ?

Maybe it was my long hair.

Who knows ?

But some one had liked me enough to share some part of themselves with me.

And that made all the difference.

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