For better or for worse

My Dear Watson

Life just isn’t the same without your trusty sidekick. For this week’s writing challenge, tell us about your partner in crime.

My alter ego, the person inside me, the one who is always second guessing me, trying to keep me from making mistakes, my own soul sister, me. Sometimes I can’t live with myself. When I look back on life and think of the mistakes I have made, the hurts I have inflicted on people, when my second self had warned me not to do so, I could kick myself a hundred times. I am impulsive, a compulsive buyer, a plate wipe clean off eater, shy, person. My alter ego is everything I am not- a thinker, a take time to make decision-er,  a restrained, I told you so , sort of person. I don’t know if we make a good combination or not but for better or for worse, I am stuck with him. Sometimes he is the sidekick and sometimes, I am.

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