A road to fame- a Wednesday to attract and to act

   I started on a motivational journey yesterday, a Tuesday. The thought for the day – is how to attract what I want into my life . Meaning at first, I need to make a manifesto, a list, of what I want for my life. This is step 1. 

Step 1 : What do I want to do with my life ? 

The answer is simple, I want to be famous, I want people to know me as a good person. I want people to say she’s a good worker, a simple soul, a friend in need, one they can rely on in trouble. I want to teach people good things, things forgotten in the mad rush of life, to teach people there is a lot of good in the world. If possible, stop wars, quarrels, fights. 

So I want to do great things for the betterment of humanity. 

Now let us look at step 2. 

Step 2 : Be calm. Take a deep breath. Spend some time on myself – say 15 minutes for  a start. Use this to remove all thoughts from my mind. I could meditate or pray. I could even sleep for a bit- or go into a trance like state. The idea is to clear clutter from my mind and indeed it is filled with clutter. Thoughts of things not done, things that could have been differently, words uttered unnecessarily, time wasted etc..,. So I need to create a quiet corner for myself in my house. Yes, found it. It is on the sofa in the corner. Lying there I pray, close my eyes and try to meditate on positive thoughts, all the while quietly clearing up the recycle bin of my mind, so that the negative thoughts do not come back. It is difficult because, a soon as  I close my eyes, i start day dreaming. Anyway, I manage to control my thoughts for a small period of time. I had a short nap too. 

When I woke up, I felt rejuvenated, ready to take on the world.My desires are deeply ingrained in my mind, at least for today. 

The next step is what joins my inner desire with my physical self – that is an action to bring my dreams to fulfillment. 

Now how do I do that ?

I have some skills, like writing, plenty of love and time to give myself and others. So I need to make an action bullet list to see what I can do – immediately and in the future .

Action points :

1. Start reading. Read more about writing, research, ethics, morality, life, self control, motivation etc..- all values I want to instill in myself before I start changing the world 

2. Start learning : From my readings, I need to learn things I can take forward with me in my life- like knowledge and how to apply it to my life

3. Start writing : Reading and knowledge would lead on to writing. Because writing is an expression of my inner soul. It is a way to connect my inner self with the outside world. 

Effectively, it means to achieve my desire of being famous, I need to get a clear space in my brain and fill it with positive thoughts that would lead me down the paved road of giving to people what I have freely received- knowledge. In the process, as a fallout, I might become famous- who knows ?

The good that men do lives after them —

I was just thinking today,my daughter turned 15 a couple of weeks back. Who did we invite to her birthday party ? Mostly her friends and children we knew. But if I had happened to see a poor laborer on the street, driving home from work, would I have invited him to my daughter’s party ? Most certainly not.

As human beings we tend to be exclusive rather than inclusive,which is ironical because, everyone says ” man is a social animal”.Then why is it so difficult for me to bring people I don’t know home, or talk to someone I have never talked to before in the mall, or smile at someone just for the pleasure of smiling ? Why is it so difficult for me to give ?

When it comes to getting gifts, I would be first in line. I want to get birthday gifts, anniversary presents and X’mas gifts are an absolute must. I need new clothes all the time. I love to gift myself good food, books to read, pleasant times, my time anything for myself. But when it comes to giving, why are my fists so tightly clenched ?

Recently I read about parents who had abandoned a child of theirs with the surrogate mother, just because the child had Down’s syndrome. That innocent baby does not have the good luck of growing up with his parents just because he is maimed. We know that when we give a feast, we need to invite the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind to the feast, not people who would repay you with return invitations.

One of the ways we can show concern for some one we don’t know is by reading through the writings and posts on the blog spaces of people we don’t know and ” commenting” and ” liking” them. Who knows, it might make the day of an unknown person.

Lets challenge ourselves to move out of our comfort zone and provide a kind word, a comment, a recommendation, a gift, a smile or a meal to someone from whom we don’t expect anything back.

The good that we do will indeed live after us and we will be repaid in full.