The Baker’s dozen – a little extra for Thursday

 Continuing on with motivations for each day of the week, inspired by Timothy Pikes’ 6 commitment series which can be found at :

 I need to join up today. 

Thursday is the day to connect- to join a new group of human beings. People and opportunities to meet people come the way of everyone. No one has to be alone. We need to open up to connect. 

Why should I connect ? I am an introvert- I like to be left alone. To share things, to get readers for your blog, to find people to publish you, to talk things out, to feel better about yourself, to make some one else feel better- all good reasons to connect. 

In what ways could I connect with others ?

1. Join a gym and talk to the gym clerk as a friend – maybe you will make a friend

2. Walk in the park and smile at one total stranger today- if it is a good day, that person will smile back, and maybe the smile will lead to a “Hello”.

3. At work, share a cup of coffee with one of the persons everyone avoids at office ( there is always someone).

4. Talk your problems out with your spouse or your children and connect. It is only when you share that they know you have some hidden need. 

5. At the shopping mall, say Hello to the cleaner there. May be that will make his/her day.

6. In the blog world, read someone’s article with an open heart, appreciate the feelings behind the post and then write a comment- it will not take a minute but it may mean everything to that person. Comments are better than likes, believe me. 

All these connections will help us build up our network. Each of these connections will release a little bit of positive energy into the universe,which all adds up. 

Why do the leaders at religious places tell us to pray for someone who is sick or needs prayers ? Why do we pray for someone else’s well being ? It is the same principle.  Little prayers are little connections which release little bits of positive energy and when they join up, a huge fusion reaction takes place. Perhaps that act of joint prayer from all over the world will join up and move mountains.

I have read somewhere that life is a journey and that each of us is a piece under construction. 

When we reach the end of our journey, the construction that is our life, is near complete. Each person we talk to or interact with, positively or negatively, constructs our life. No one is bad. Even the people we label as bad or unkind to us are actually people who have a hand in our construction.

So our life is built upon the help we receive from others. 

If I connect with one person unknown to me today, I get a little extra for my life- my construction goes up a little more and my foundation a little deeper. Like the Baker’s dozen – one extra egg for every 12.

8 thoughts on “The Baker’s dozen – a little extra for Thursday

  1. What a serendipitous post!

    5. I work at the mall, and I have more friends in housekeeping than any of the other kiosks or stores. There’s one grumpy lady who never responds, but I still tell her hi and thank you.

    6. Yes, comments are better than likes. 🙂 You’re a great commenter.

    And prayers. Tonight at work a couple stopped and introduced themselves as from a local church and asked if they could pray for me. I said yes and thanked them afterward.

    And connections! I just finished a book on friendship, and I bookmarked so many passages to write about this weekend when I have time.


  2. Very well written. Well…we liked your post also. 😉 But true, comments are not just comments but a way of connecting. In a span of less than two months, we’ve connected with so many people around the world. It is unbelievable and emotional. The feeling is so wonderful and STRONG to know about others and here in WP, we get to connect with the world! We’ve stressed the word STRONG. The reason will be unfurled soon through one of our post. Thank you so much for sharing the post. It was wonderful. 🙂


  3. Timothy Pike, host of Dream, Play, Write! says:

    Susie, great way to apply these Commitments! So glad to see they are working their way into your everyday life – exactly what they were designed for. 🙂 ~Tim


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