To my daughter


There are things I want to tell my daughter, before it is too late. Before she leaves our home for college. 

1.I love you a lot. I have tried to be a good mother but often have been selfish in that I could not give you my full attention while you were growing up. 

2. I want to thank you for all the cards you make for me throughout the year- over the years- birthday, Mother’s day, Woman’s day, Anniversary, X’mas. Thank you for all these cards. I will cherish them and try to keep them as long as I can as my memories of you. ( PS. You know I use them as book marks, in all the books I read, so i don’t lose them and can look at them often).

3.You are a very artistic person- do not lose the art as you grow older. Pursue it. Look at creation with an eye of wonder and create new things inspired by things around you. 

4. Many things you see around you may make you sad. Remember you need to carve a niche in the world in your own way. You need to understand and perceive the sorrows and miseries you see around you. And you need to get involved to do what you can to do your bit. Don’t turn a blind eye to things. Participate. Feel. Do something. Be a candle bringing light to other people in the world.

5. I love it that you have been all inclusive in your friends- you have not discriminated against skin color, hair, religion, culture or language. You have friends among people whose language you did not know when you were smaller. But you managed to communicate with them in your own way, trying to speak like them to make them understand and they did understand you. Keep this nature of yours with you all your life.

Remember, the light of my life, I love you and always will. 

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