Friday’s – a day to be loving and giving

           Today is a Friday, the start of the weekend for people in many countries. But even during times of relaxation, we need not falter from our path of motivating ourselves. 

Today is a day of giving- remember the old poem- Friday’s child is loving and giving. It is a continuation of the thought of yesterday- to join up with others in order to create a strong construction in one’s life. As you receive, so you need to give. 

So I have resolved today, to read through as many posts as I can with a sincere heart and offer heart felt comments- a kind word can make someone else’s day. I was reading Marsha O’Brien’s posts today and in spite of so much pain, she has so much to give. I really need to be like her. A kind word can go a long way. For that matter, even a kind thought. Most of my day is spent on my previous life and how I would love to revenge someone from my past life. I am making a resolution, here and now to think a kind thought for each of those persons’ who I feel has wronged me. May be I can call them or write to them and say I still think of them, not mentioning of course that I have thought evil thoughts about them. 

Action points for me :

1.Listen to my child when she talks 

2. Appreciate my spouse through a smile or a kind word

3. Contact one of my ” enemies” and try to talk to them 

4. Comment on someone I don’t know yet’s posts

5. Smile at an unknown person today

6. Be kind to an animal or bird today

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