To be or not to be- thoughts for the weekend

 Today is the start of the weekend for people in many parts of the world- a time to unwind and take time out for ourselves. 

This is in line with Timothy Pike’s 6 commitments to make resolutions for a better life on which we have been thinking of this week.

On weekends, we may set apart time for family, to do the laundry, to catch up on emails and work we left over from the week. But in the midst of all this chaos, we need to remember to take time out for ourselves. We are who we make ourselves to be. 

In a quiet corner of the house, reserved for myself, I resolve to start thinking about myself. Who am I ? What is my purpose in this life ? What is my mission statement ? What are my goals ? What are my objectives ?

I am a human being and in addition, I am a woman. An educated woman, who has so much to give the world. A smile, a sweet word, an encouragement. 

My mission statement : Make a better world building connections from the heart.

My purpose : To be a good communicator, through my talents- which as much as I can assess are writing, singing and caring for creatures who I perceive as needing care

My goals : To be a famous writer and singer

My objectives : 

1. To write from my heart every day

2. Never to write a hurtful word to anyone 

3. Create a smile wherever I go

4. Talk to people from the heart

So this weekend, I need to connect with my higher self ,pave the path between my inner self and my higher self. I need to study more. I guess I can do that next week.