One thing I do every morning

  Everyday when I first sit at the computer, I open my email and see which of the bloggers I am following has added a post and has notified me by email. 

In the beginning I was shy and just read through the article and ” liked” it. 

These days I make it a point to comment on each of those articles. At least a line. And if its something I haven’t understood, I ask the author for help. 

This seems to have two benefits.

1. I get to critique someone else’s writing and may be in the process, make new friends. 

2. May be I am making someone happy

Who knows ? But the thought keeps me going, that may be I am paying it forward.

5 thoughts on “One thing I do every morning

  1. I’ll bet you make lots of people happy. I know I enjoy your comments! But oh! To be able to have enough time to comment on the first read! I’m always behind.


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