August 2014- My first month of blogging-Richness galore

I was hesitating for a long while before I created a blog. I think too much, I feel.
These were the thoughts that ran through my mind “
1. What if my peers read my posts and judge me like they always have done- meaning work colleagues, college mates, family etc?
2, What if my blog attracts a lot of attention and I get into trouble for airing my views on something and the authorities don’t approve ?
3,What can I write about ? What am I an authority on ?
4. Why do I want to write                    ?plants_in_a_stone_wall_195194

5. Do I have what it takes to persevere in this field ?

6. What is my genre – Short story ? Poems ? Essays ? Healthy blog posts ?

Well, I don’t know. I haven’t established my niche yet ? I will experiment and try out different things until I find the perfect fit. 

One thing I know I don’t want to write are novels or a book because for sure, I would run out of ideas before the third chapter. So that is that- I have managed to exclude something. 

7. Another thing is what to do if I run out of ideas – what do I write about ? I search the net and find out about a thing called writing prompts.  I looked up a few and found the Daily post prompts each day. I was amazed at the number of submissions there. Then there was another type called the flash fiction challenge. There is help for everything on the net

8. Will anyone ever read my posts ?

This is what I have found after a month.

1. I have a made a lot of friends- some, who came uninvited to my blog page, left comments and a smile.

Let me list some of them, who were willing to make the first move, and become a friend.

a. Suzie81

b. KimScaravelli :

c. April :(R.Sativus-a radish in the rough

d. Sueju Takeshi

e. Polly81

Some others, are friends I made when I gained confidence with my writing and made the first move myself. 

They are :

  1. Round the world
  2. Susie Reece
  3. Jessica & Love
  4. AC Elliott
  5. Kendall F. Person
  6. Charlotte Cuevas
  7. Meaningful Mommy
  8. An Anglo Swiss woman
  9. Sia Discover Life
  10. Marsha O’Brien
  11. Mara Eastern

Looking back at the last month, I feel I am rich. I have made more friends here than I have ever made in my entire life. Wow.

What else have I gained?

I have learnt from people who I think of as my teachers in the world of freelance writing and some as my mentors.

My post would be incomplete without at least a passing mention of them

1. Wendy McCance

2. Timothy Pike

From Wendy, who has become my guru, I owe whatever luck I have had in the world of writing.

From Timothy, my inspiration to write each day.

For the first week, since I began writing, I began to despair of getting a writing job. I had tried everything the teachers had said I needed to- no results. 

By week two, I had sent in more applications that I have ever scrutinised in my day job.

By week three, just when I was about to give up, after my umpteenth rejection letter, i got my first call. I had a job, a single time one.  But it was something.

At the end of the month, what do I have in hand ?

1. Skills based resumes

2. A sort of stable job

3. New friends 

4. A confidence in my writing

5. Ability to cite 

6. My dreams 

7. A writing routine

8. New knowledge

So I am indeed rich. Lets see what September has in store for me.