What do I know ?

                As a very new writer, who started writing less than a month back, I have asked people what can I write about and the answer was almost always the same,” write about what you know”.

I am not sure what I know. I can read and write English and type fairly fast but what do I know really ? What can I write about ?

1. Am I a WordPress expert ? Not at all ( just about a month’s experience of bungling through WordPress, with a lot of help from people like Timothy Pike.

2. Am I a content writer ? I could be if I tried  I guess but again, what can I write about. I am one of those people who writes when topics are given to me on a platter ( a prompt or an idea or a theme). I cannot write from my head. Which explains why I am not a famous writer or novelist ( at least not yet).

3. Can I write about health care ? Health is what I have been trained in but it is a field so vast that I would soon start struggling like a first time swimmer in water. I couldn’t keep my head above water or even below water, even if I was blowing bubbles by the dozen. If I tried, I could write something about the theory of research ethics, I guess. ( But who wants to read about research ethics)

The only thing I think I am knowledgeable about is myself: me and myself alone. Even that, I feel I am only discovering myself. I have recently discovered that I have an inner and an outer self. If I develop my inner self and learn to listen to it, I can nurture my outer self.

It makes me feel very inadequate when I read about people having their own niches in writing. I have no niche- i don’t even have a corner in which to write. My mind is as mixed up as a fruit mock tail, with its varying hues, its ups and downs, its lefts and rights. I don’t know what is right any more.

Two days back, I was writing an article on the use of topical anaesthesia before a laser treatment for a skin disease. If I got it right, I would be paid 6$. I haven’t been paid the 6 $ yet- so I know i haven’t done that right as yet. The revisions to this article are just not worth the effort in terms of money benefits but I know deep inside that I am better informed about topical anaesthesia than I have ever been in my life. I am still learning.

 So really at the end of this post, I am where I began. I don’t know who I am; do I know anything at all; will I ever be able to write a piece titled : 10 ways  to ——- or how to do ——– or Six things you should know about ——-.

I don’t know. All I know is that writing for myself is pleasure but writing for someone else is no fun at all, unless it is all worth the effort, in some way.