What do I know ?

                As a very new writer, who started writing less than a month back, I have asked people what can I write about and the answer was almost always the same,” write about what you know”.

I am not sure what I know. I can read and write English and type fairly fast but what do I know really ? What can I write about ?

1. Am I a WordPress expert ? Not at all ( just about a month’s experience of bungling through WordPress, with a lot of help from people like Timothy Pike.

2. Am I a content writer ? I could be if I tried  I guess but again, what can I write about. I am one of those people who writes when topics are given to me on a platter ( a prompt or an idea or a theme). I cannot write from my head. Which explains why I am not a famous writer or novelist ( at least not yet).

3. Can I write about health care ? Health is what I have been trained in but it is a field so vast that I would soon start struggling like a first time swimmer in water. I couldn’t keep my head above water or even below water, even if I was blowing bubbles by the dozen. If I tried, I could write something about the theory of research ethics, I guess. ( But who wants to read about research ethics)

The only thing I think I am knowledgeable about is myself: me and myself alone. Even that, I feel I am only discovering myself. I have recently discovered that I have an inner and an outer self. If I develop my inner self and learn to listen to it, I can nurture my outer self.

It makes me feel very inadequate when I read about people having their own niches in writing. I have no niche- i don’t even have a corner in which to write. My mind is as mixed up as a fruit mock tail, with its varying hues, its ups and downs, its lefts and rights. I don’t know what is right any more.

Two days back, I was writing an article on the use of topical anaesthesia before a laser treatment for a skin disease. If I got it right, I would be paid 6$. I haven’t been paid the 6 $ yet- so I know i haven’t done that right as yet. The revisions to this article are just not worth the effort in terms of money benefits but I know deep inside that I am better informed about topical anaesthesia than I have ever been in my life. I am still learning.

 So really at the end of this post, I am where I began. I don’t know who I am; do I know anything at all; will I ever be able to write a piece titled : 10 ways  to ——- or how to do ——– or Six things you should know about ——-.

I don’t know. All I know is that writing for myself is pleasure but writing for someone else is no fun at all, unless it is all worth the effort, in some way.

10 thoughts on “What do I know ?

  1. Takeshi says:

    Why don’t you start writing personal narratives/essays? State your opinion about a current social phenomena then relate it your past or daily life. That suits you, I think.


  2. You have already come up with a post and a good post. “What do i know?”. 🙂 You have come up with your inner feelings. WordPress is our place. Say what you feel and share them with other fellow bloggers. You never know who is smiling on the other side or maybe learning from your posts. This is the best way to let your thoughts out. No harm in expressing the unique self. No two person think and feel the same. So it is always good and feels great to know what others are thinking, or how they are living their life. It is a wonder, Isn’t it? 🙂


    1. Thanks Joan.
      I think articles that need a lot of research are not my type because I live constantly under the fear that I have done something wrong or conveyed some wrong information.
      Also Joan as a writer with experience, can you tell me what it means if some one asks you ” have you been published ?”
      Thanks a lot, Susie


      1. Well, Susie, I’m not that experienced, but ‘published’ means that your articles or short stories or anything you have written was printed as books, or in magazines, newspapers and so on.


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