My writer’s block

Dear Writer’s block,

It’s not you, it’s me. I have a problem- in fact it is a chronic problem. I l call it my writing dilemma. My alter ego, my worse half, those eternal nagging thoughts that flows from my mind, when I try to write. My dilemma is “to write or not to write”. I am in a quandary as to whether I must put words to my thoughts or just let them be. After all why wake up sleeping dogs?

My thoughts reside within my brain, deep in the recesses of my inner self and should I open this Pandora’s box and let the thoughts out? That is why, dear Writer’s block, its not you, its me.

I am ruled by my inner self. I have thoughts that flit and flee through my mind. Should I catch them and pin them down or should I let them fly around? I believe in literary freedom. Don’t thoughts deserve their freedom too? After all who am I to tie down my thoughts to a piece of paper or in a computer software? Will I not be restricting their free flow, their growth?

My thoughts are multihued like a rainbow. Sometimes, they are coloured red and reach levels which can only be labeled dangerous. If  let out, they would inevitably cause harm both to me(their writer) and to  my readers. At other times, my thoughts are colored violet, more like purple. They take me down to the lowest levels of thinking that anyone can think. Wicked, revenge planning thoughts dominate my purple mind .

Rainbow writing

The thoughts I would really like to put down on paper are those  that are in the middle of the spectrum, like blue or green, sometimes even yellow. These are thoughts that I have of a good life and how I would go about getting there, being generous without causing self harm with my generosity, talking and interacting with people in consideration of their feelings and their issues, spending money prudently and not going over board with my spending, thinking good thoughts about people and not their “bad” sides and so on. You get the hang of it, don’t you, Writer’s block? Its really not you, its me.

It’s me and my thoughts and my dilemmas and the rainbows in my head that keep me from writing.

But don’t worry, Writer’s block. I have found the solution.I will get over you.

I have with me  a butterfly net, the kind that can catch butterflies but in this case, it will not be a butterfly it will be chasing;  but my thoughts. This  net is especially designed for rainbow thoughts. It has the ability to mark down my thoughts in the different colors they have a habit of taking. It has a section for my red thoughts (dangerous ones), orange thoughts (thoughts that come out on a rainy day, when I think of things that might have been), yellow thoughts (when I think about good and bad things together and usually the good thoughts take the upper hand), green thoughts(thoughts of good deeds for others), blue thoughts (thoughts of what I can do to improve myself, plans, lists and so on), indigo thoughts (thoughts where I think about how to improve myself and the thoughts that come in the way of improving myself) and finally my violet purple thoughts(my lowliest thoughts when I think of evil).

butterfly net

It is important that each of these is  written down, writer’s block and that is the only way I can get muse active.

How do I plan to do this with a butterfly net? Oh, its not a butterfly net of the type you are thinking of, dear Writer’s Block.

I have bought myself a seven sectioned journal. It has one section for each one of my type of thoughts. When I write about what I feel and match my writing thoughts to the hues of my book, I will have a multi colored journal with many interesting pages to read. It will help me keep track of my thoughts and prevent them from spilling over. I need not worry about any thoughts that might have slipped through the holes in the net, because there is space for all my different thoughts, small and big.

writing journal

Finally, Writer’s block, you and I may be standing at the cross roads of our lives. Maybe its time to say good bye. You have your road to take and I will take mine. I hope our roads will never cross again because companion though you have been to me, you have not truly been my friend. For no friend would be a block on his friend’s creativity.

So this is it, Writer’s Block. We part ways here. I wish you well. To be honest, I will not have a place for you to stay, should you choose to return.

Good bye and good luck, you ill-fated wayfarer,

Take care,