The ” lollipop moment”

It is October already. The year has flown, rather fast. Especially the last two months. It seems that since I took up writing, the days have gotten busier and I don’t have time for anything else. But I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything.

Just yesterday I watched a TED Talks video on the “lollipop moment”. The speaker spoke about how anybody can be a leader. He defined leader as anyone who influences anyone else. Leadership has been defined as “the process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others towards the achievement of goals.” The speaker describes how one girl, who was standing in queue, waiting to get admitted to a college ( but in a dilemma as to whether to join or come back after a year), was influenced by him. He called this moment in time, when he unwittingly influenced this girl as “his lollipop moment.


Coincidentally, all he did was to give her a lollipop from a bucket, in support of his cause for “cystic fibrosis.” He never knew what influence that lollipop created in that girl, until some years later, when he was graduating from the very same college. This girl, came up to him and said, “Dudley, you don’t know me but it’s only because of you that I am in this college and studying here still.” She went on to describe the “ lollipop moment” in her life when she decided to get enrolled in that college, rather than go back home.

The speaker says how everyone of us is a leader in his own way. I have been wondering if I have ever influenced anyone in my life. Perhaps I have and perhaps I haven’t. I may never know. But what I know is when I have had ” lollipop moments”, when people have influenced me.

About two months back, I had a “lollipop moment” myself. Some one whom I never knew sent me an article to review for a journal. At that time, I had been out of a job for about a year. My morale was at an all time low. This one piece of paper she sent me to review, made me think and take a career changing decision. i started writing.I started reading about writing. I started this blog. I made new friends. I who was a diffident and shy person, has now become so empowered by my writing that I can post my innermost feelings boldly on the internet.

The important thing is letting that person who influenced us know of their influence in our lives and thanking them for the “lollipop moment“.¬†according to the speaker. Fortunately for me, I had corresponded with the person who set me off my writing career and thanked her. Her response was surprise that she had made a difference in someone’s life, 6000 miles away, not having seen the person ever. But she was thrilled to hear of my new venture.

Now I am looking out to create “ lollipop moments.” Either in my life or in the life of the people I interact with everyday.

Even I am a leader. This thought excites and humbles me all at once.