Three months into writing

I have been writing continuously for three months’s now-starting August. I felt I needed to celebrate the fact that I kept up with it for 3 months’.

I have become more confident because I write. I can write fast and type fast without mistakes now. I have a huge list of friends which I never had before and they belong to so many countries. I feel like I belong, at last. All of you feel like family.

In October, I have been busy. I was in Philadelphia and I really enjoyed myself. My daughter and I, we explored the city on foot for about a week. The weather was unusually good for an October day. We went on the duck tour, took a hop-on, hop- off bus ride, followed Benjamin Franklin’s footsteps, marvelled at his inventions, visited the Independence Hall, took a ride on the Delaware river and even marvelled at the architecture at the waterworks on the Schuylkill River.

Now I am back to writing. I must confess it felt good to be free of the computer for some days’. I needed that vacation and the exercise. One of the advantages of being on vacation is that you can obtain material for your writing during your visits to various places and your observations of the people around you.

The weather is gradually becoming better here and my plants are flourishing. We live in an unusual climate where plants prefer to grow and flower during the winter. Like my flowers, I wish to continue my writing journey right through the winter.

I have been on the IQS diet for about 3 months and there are remarkable changes in my skin and my energy levels. I recommend this to everyone.

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