Off to a new job

After about a year and half, I am going back to a formal desk job tomorrow.

What do I feel like now ?

To tell you the truth, the age of feeling excited about new things has passed. All I can think of now is how I am going to reach the place and come back on wintry days. Will my cat miss me ( he has been so used to having a house- mother)?

And I will not be here to receive my daughter when she comes back from school. This worries me a little.

Why am I going back to work if I am not excited about it ? For some reason, a break in the work history on the CV is not very good for a middle aged woman. ( I don’t understand the logic of this but there it is).

And the money will be very useful of course. I could buy all the books I wanted, without borrowing money and I could have some degree of financial freedom.

I have been working even when I was off a day job. I worked at home, in the garden, looking after the cats, the kitchen and a did a lot of other housewifely chores,which will now remain status quo, till the weekend.

I learnt crochet and about yarn bombing. I started writing and also learning about writing. I have learnt quite a bit and am a fairly professional writer. So I feel confident enough to meet others and don’t feel at all as though I have taken a break.

Nevertheless it will be a new day and a new life tomorrow.

What are the reasons women want to work ? Do they have second thoughts often and think of the life they might have had, had they chosen to remain home makers? Isn’t  a home maker’s life satisfying enough? Doesn’t she get the appreciation she deserves at home ?

Please share your views.