Tough times

I had a tough time yesterday,

Did something wrong, terribly wrong,

I curse myself today,

Asking myself why I had not been strong.

Its easy to make a mistake,

But to  live with oneself the day after

Causes pains and severe heart ache,

It makes me think, why God, why me?

Its easy to say forgive others and

its easy enough to forgive others,

But to be able to forgive oneself

is the most difficult task of all.

Crying and wanting to disappear is all I can do now

No amount of apologies will cure the ill,

Things are gone far out of control,

Nothing will put things straight or again make my heart and life still.

My only resort now is prayer,

Constantly watching and waiting for repose,

I think there is only One who can help me bear

And help me make recompense.