What show from childhood would I like to bring back ?

I read a writing prompt on http://selfpublishingteam.com/105-author-blog-prompts/ and decided to respond to this prompt.

I watched the movie ‘Sound of Music” when I was in my 10th year of school, about 30 years back. A group of us girls from our class decided to watch the movie together,with only ourselves as chaperons. It was a totally new experience for us 13- 14 year old girls but we did it.

We reached the movie theater in a group and stood in line to get our tickets which were way cheaper those days ( I can’t remember what I paid though). All of us were in our Sunday  best – those were the days of school uniforms and all of us had ” color dresses’ to wear for special occasions, like visiting relatives, or going to the movies or to churches or to the park. We bought the tickets and went into the theater.

As Maria came singing ” The hills are alive with the sound of music”, our hearts were thrilled and we silently vowed to one day visit the ” hills” Maria raved about. We sang along with her and our hearts missed beats when we heard the church bells ring out and found Maria on the hillside and late for her mass. We ran with her and lost our hats ( imaginary) as she lost her hat in her run to get to the monastery.

We could sympathize with her, as her co- nuns sang about her ‘ behind her back” so to speak. ” Many a thing you know you like to tell her , many a thing she ought to understand- but how d’you make her stay and listen to all you say–”

When the Captain sang ” Edelweiss”, though none of us knew what Edelweiss was, we wanted to be ‘ greeted by the Edelweiss every morning”. Years later when I went to Austria and made it a point to see the Edelweiss, their national flower, I could understand the song and its meaning a lot better.

When the von Trapp family made their final journey over the hills into Switzerland, we wondered where their journey would lead them too. We wanted to know if there was a part-2 to ” The Sound of Music”, so we could share the onward journeys of the von Trapps.

As a child every thing seems so dreamy and possible but as an adult, when most of our dreams have been fulfilled, we wonder where our life is leading us and where it will end. There are no definite dreams or ambitions any more but just a calm acceptance of today and an anticipation of what tomorrow will bring.

With each phase in life, things change, dreams have come true but the one thing that stays on is ” hope”.

The Sound of Music is a show from childhood that I would like to bring back but even more would I like to bring back the golden era of the last years of the 1930s, the years before the second world war.

A strong desire to write but —

Overwhelmed is what describes me at the moment. No, I am not overwhelmed by work or home but overwhelmed by life in general.

After the shock of a few weeks back, it has taken me a while to stand up on my feet. I wondered how is it that something I wrote to a close one, might have life changing consequences on me, my family and even my stay in this country. Can I be that important ?

All I did was write a two sentence email to my someone,  jocularly which got forwarded to a lot of people, totally unknowingly. The gaffes that people make ! and as usual, the blame falls on me- that I had written what I had, it reflects on my nature, my personality, my thinking, my everything. I have been called every name in the book , so much so that I never wanted to show my face on earth again.

This whole incident has got me thinking- how valuable words are and how careful we must be when we say or write anything. In the modern world, with internet connectivity, anything can happen. Emails and messages can get forwarded and traced and many of our words can come back and hit us right  on our faces.

This also got me thinking about freedom of expression. As writers, don’t we have the write to write what we think ? Isn’t that what we as writers are expected to do ? What is the point of being a writer who only writes things pleasing to the reader ? Sometimes the writer has to write things which are not so pleasing or enjoyable because that is what makes a writer who he is.

People with all manners of creative expression are suppressed even now , in the 21st century as  was done in the Middle Ages.