Guests to stay over

Over the weekend, we had a school friend of my daughters’ staying with us because there was no one at her home to keep her company.

It was just one person, but the family had to make some adjustments to make her stay comfortable. For one thing, everyone had to regulate their bathroom habits- no more than 10 minutes could be allotted per person to ensure that everyone got to use the bathroom before they left for school or work.

I cook for a few days at a time and make new dishes when the left overs are all consumed (there is no wastage of food in our house) but after the guest’s arrival, I make sure that every meal is prepared fresh and served hot on the table. I realised that when new people come to stay with us, I often put on a facade or a new face so guests don’t think too badly of my housewifely trends.

The children gave up their study room to the guest so she could study and sleep in peace and I gave up my reading room so she could read her books with the concentration her books required. It has been a couple of days since I sat at my computer.

I took her for her extra coaching classes and even helped her cross the road, holding my hands.

I am thinking how we all have changed over these few days.

I am reminded of the Greek mythological story of Jupiter and Mercury in the house of Baucis and Philemon and how Baucis went out of her way to make things comfortable for her guests, even going without her dinner.

On a personal front, i do not enjoy having guests over because of all the changes I have to make in my routines- perhaps I am a product of the modern generation, who prefers to live in her own shell and zone of comfort.

I need to think about how some parents actually thought our home worthy ¬†and safe for their daughter’s stay. The hot meals I made for my family have really satisfied my soul and thanks to this guest my family was able to enjoy meals together at the table.

Guests serve as binding forces for the host’s family- during their stay both the guests and their hosts have to adjust with one another – it is a learning experience and perhaps as the good book says, while entertaining guests, we may be blessed enough to entertain angels. Who knows !