Why am I here ?

I sometimes ( no these days it is often) wonder why I am on this earth.

What is my purpose here ?

Am I doing good to any one ?

Will I be missed when I leave or will it be ” good riddance”?

Everyday I am reminded of how hopeless and futile living is

Life is too short for some and too long for others,

For those for whom it is too short, they wished they lived longer

But for those who live long, they wish their lives were shorter.

How can we find out the purpose of our lives ?

I guess we can only guess why we are here .

Sometimes it might be to provide a comforting shoulder

For someone to cry on.

Or it may be to provide some food to a hungry, cold bird

Or it may be that I can provide shelter to a shivering cat

My human mind can find no human need for me to be on earth.

But there seems to be always someone who wants me here,

And perhaps that is what keeps me living and my life going on.

Is it wrong to wish for our lives to be shorter ?

Is it wrong to think that we are of no use to any one ?

I wonder whether i will ever get an answer.

Till such time, I have no option but to live life as it comes

And hope that tomorrow will than today be better.

2 thoughts on “Why am I here ?

  1. I believe we are here to personally discover God. When that happens our priorities change. We turn from looking to find our place in society to finding our place in His Kingdom. We realize that in His eyes, (the only eyes that matter) we are of great value and have been created with a heavenly purpose in mind. A personal relationship with Christ changes the way we view everything else.


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