Weight loss struggles

Since my 10th year( 35 years ago), I have been conscious of my weight. It started off with my father once telling me that I was putting on weight. Until that year, I had been encouraged to eat well and drink a lot of milk to grow “tall and strong”.  From this time, I have been on diets off and on. In modern parlance, we might call it yo-yo dieting. I have never been at terms with my weight or my body size since that time.

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In school about 4 years later, I remember being told off by one of my classmates that I was one chubby girl. I was tall for my age, much taller than the group average but yet someone told me I was chubby and I became ever more conscious of my size since then. When a teacher asked once” who is the fattest student in this group?”- I remember standing up. I still remember the look of surprise on my teacher’s face. Perhaps I was not the ” fattest student”.

When I went to college, during my first year, I remember scoring lower marks than I could ever remember in all my major subjects. It was then that I consciously remember taking resort and comfort in food. I remember gorging on peppermint candies( one of my favorite sweets) dozens at a time. I was addicted to them. I remember also indulging in cream buns by the dozen. Needless to say, these sweet pleasures affected my waistline. But the constant stress of medical school and the stress of being away from home ( a midst strangers), made me delve into more food. I remember starting off on various diets at this time. Sometimes they were ” egg diets” , sometimes ” milk diets”. I cannot remember ever eating normally or at decent times during my college days.


After I left college, I had a normal sort of relationship with food for sometime. This lasted only about a year, until my marriage. And again I started off on various up and down cycles of weight gain and loss. Every time, I felt sad, I indulged in food and every time I felt happy or confident, I had normal relationships with food.

There was a time when I had to take about 10 years off from my career to take care of my little ones. I fell behind my group mates from college in my academic career. And again my self- confidence took a beating. I was on and off the ” food band wagon”.

At the height of my obesity I weighed 95 kgs and stood above 3o on the BMI scale. It was about 10 years ago that I started developing xanthalesma ( the white patches) around my eyes. I was now sure I had hypercholesterolemia. True enough, my blood results confirmed my diagnosis.

Obesity -2

Then I knew I had to take life under my control- I couldn’t let external factors control my life. This was the turning point of my life. I knew I had to love myself before any body else loved me. How I took control of my life is another story.

22 thoughts on “Weight loss struggles

      1. It is an eating plan just for women. 1000 calories for 5 days the 1500 on day 6 for 2 weeks. Then1000 for 2 days and and 1500 day 3 so four times in a row. Weeks are 6 days. 1 lb a week weight loss but I have learned to eat so much smarter. Then to maintain I do 1500 most days.


  1. I saw this post from a fellow blogger that shared it. Im inspired by your story. I have always been big as well. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes recently due to my weight. I’ve tried weight watchers, the lemonade diet and I can only loose 5 pounds then gain again. But, I’m taking control of my life. I will get the weight off. Your story has inspired me.

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  2. I was that kid, too. I always felt fat or ugly or crazy or whatever. When I lost weight people asked me if I was on drugs. Put the weight back on and felt fat.
    You know what? Screw all of that crap.
    The best thing I’ve found is love of self. I am a black woman, five foot eight inches tall, always been between a size 14-16 and I ain’t too hard on the eyes. When I say good things to myself , I feel better.
    My advice to you is to look beyond ‘fat’ and find the beauty of YOU. It’ll make you feel better.

    My two cents.
    Good Luck to you.

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  3. An easy thing to do in visit a reflexologist. By pressing on certain points on your feet, the reflexologist will see how the other parts of the body are faring, and also cure them. Works for me! Stay away from milk and flour. I had eczemes, but now I don’t have any!


  4. I have had a struggle with being over weight myself. My Doctor started putting me on steroid pills every four months or sooner when I was around 35. I stay at 185-195 pounds.
    Recently, on June 12th, my companion and love of my life passed away and I haven’t been eating a lot of days. I’ll eat one piece of chicken or a bowl of cereal. I know I need to start eating again but I’ve lost the will to live. I want to be with Donnie. I had prayed many times for God to take me first, before anyone else I loved would leave this world. All I do is cry.
    All I can do is ask everyone I see if they believe in God to pray for me.
    Send me a friend request on Facebook. I go by Bonnie Gail Carter but I use the page with a picture of me alone. I turned 61 on the 4th of July.
    I’m still promoting Donnie’s music on my youtube channel to keep his memory alive. Sometimes hearing his voice comforts me and sometimes the tears start to fall. Don’t worry about me because God has seen me through a lot of trauma. I always say “Don’t Let The World Take Your Smile Away.”
    I just need some prayer warriors to chase the devil away. I refuse to let him take my smile away.

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    1. Oh, Bonnie, I feel your pain. My 2nd husband died too. It feels like your whole world has crashed in. The pain does get easier to bear.
      I will pray for you my friend. God is there to comfort you. Just call on Him, and He’s there.


    1. Hi Melinda,
      Thank you for introducing yourself to me. I find it difficult to address my blog friends through their blog title names- as I like to comment on their posts using their names.
      Melinda, hope to read more from you. Can you explain why you like purple so much ?


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