Thank you, but I think not.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

There is a place in the universe,

Which I would not like to visit,

And that would be my past,

And things that have long come to pass.

For me the past holds painful memories,

They are events that took place

That seemed never- ending at that time,

But have been etched in my mind-space.

That would do me no good to visit again.

And so it is that I would like to look forward,

To new days’, and new beginnings.

For what is past is finished and can never be brought back,

But the future is in my hand,

In which I can mould, make and stack new memories.

Dear co-worker(s) in time,

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Dear Co-worker(s),

I would like you to read this letter, so you can understand more about me. I’m sure you must have thought me peculiar while I was with you- that is the way it often is . Let me tell you a bit more about me and perhaps you will be able to understand me from my perspective.

I came to work with you about 8 years back, a novice at administration and office work. I came from a background in medicine where the patient is foremost and nothing else matters other than his care. II  found that respecting and following orders from a person who has  been working there from the time of inception of the office is paramount to everything else, including customer care. I must admit I have found that difficult to accept and this has been the cause  of much conflict between me and the powers-that- be.

In medicine, professional ethics and medical ethics is very important and at the back of every health care provider’s mind. In our office( or perhaps I should say, the office, because I no longer belong), what matters most is petty office politics and buttering up the person who might be boss at that time. I found that I had to spend more time in polishing my social skills and visiting my neighbours in office more than my work. In fact, doing work and being professional is considered taboo here. Because the minute some one starts doing work and becomes productive, comparisons are likely to be made with other office staff and of course, performance appraisals will reflect different appraisal ratings, rather than the standard ratings of 3/5 to which every one is accustomed.

During meetings gathered to discuss the risk and benefits of research on human subject participants, discussions are likely to deviate from the agenda and lead on to personalities of the people who dared to think differently and question the way approvals are provided to research. Again the bigger picture of patient safety and patient benefit is lost in the discussions or arguments about getting researches in which members have an interest in, getting approved. I have tried to keep the discussions focused and trying to take the patients’ side because of my medical background but it has not gone well on many occasions.

I have learnt a lot from working in your team- how to create politics out of nothing, how to not work and idle time away during the working day but yet give the appearance of being hard working by grabbing more talk time during meetings, how to get promotions by playing one’s cards intelligently but calculatingly and how to simply be ‘unethical”.

After my voluntary retirement, I have once again come in touch with my inner self and my true human being- I realised I was putting up a facade while I was there. I am myself once again. Thank you for making me realise and be thankful for the small mercies in my life- to be happy where I was( at home), with my family, for giving me the opportunity to be able to work at home in peace, for making me realise my writing muse and for being a better me.

I hope you provide  other workers good  experiences in their lives’.

I have learnt how to behave better with my fellow human beings and with situations thanks to the office.

Best Regards,


PS : i sometimes wish I was back there but then I think of the huge personal toll it would take and I back off.

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