Of Pride and Prejudice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Proud.”-When was the last time someone said they were proud of you ?

I have often been called ” proud” and arrogant and snobbish. So it is not often that I can remember someone having said they were ” proud’ of me. Of course, I haven’t done things of which others can be proud of me. More often it is as if they are ashamed of me.

For example, when I resigned my job about two years back on a matter of principle and my personal ethics, most people called me “nuts”. Many were ashamed of me- many people did not want to know me any more. I thought it would be easy to get another job but I learnt the hard way that it was not possible to get a job, as good and as well paying as the old one. Yet, I was proud of myself- proud of standing up for what was right, standing up for the truth and standing up for myself.

I hesitatingly told my elder daughter that I had quit my job. She has often wanted me to work and stand on my own two feet and not be dependent on others’. It was with trepidation that I told her, I had stopped working. In the beginning, it seemed to me as if she was going to criticise me like many others.

I was surprised when she told me,” Ma, I am so proud of you- proud that you took a stand for the truth and proud that you were willing to throw up a good job without thinking twice about the consequences and above all, proud that you are my mother !”

From the most unexpected of sources, I felt like I was understood and that what I had done was worth it. At least someone was proud of me !