Of Pride and Prejudice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Proud.”-When was the last time someone said they were proud of you ?

I have often been called ” proud” and arrogant and snobbish. So it is not often that I can remember someone having said they were ” proud’ of me. Of course, I haven’t done things of which others can be proud of me. More often it is as if they are ashamed of me.

For example, when I resigned my job about two years back on a matter of principle and my personal ethics, most people called me “nuts”. Many were ashamed of me- many people did not want to know me any more. I thought it would be easy to get another job but I learnt the hard way that it was not possible to get a job, as good and as well paying as the old one. Yet, I was proud of myself- proud of standing up for what was right, standing up for the truth and standing up for myself.

I hesitatingly told my elder daughter that I had quit my job. She has often wanted me to work and stand on my own two feet and not be dependent on others’. It was with trepidation that I told her, I had stopped working. In the beginning, it seemed to me as if she was going to criticise me like many others.

I was surprised when she told me,” Ma, I am so proud of you- proud that you took a stand for the truth and proud that you were willing to throw up a good job without thinking twice about the consequences and above all, proud that you are my mother !”

From the most unexpected of sources, I felt like I was understood and that what I had done was worth it. At least someone was proud of me !

9 thoughts on “Of Pride and Prejudice

  1. I’m proud of you too! It’s hard to stand up for what’s right in a workplace, especially when it’s something that’s ‘always been that way.’

    I’m proud of you for blogging too!

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  2. What a wonderful recount of you being able to do the right thing and being appreciated because of it. These are the kinds of things that are so important to reduce to writing so it will become part of your legacy. This is one of the really great things about blogging.

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    1. Oh Ellen,
      Believe me, it was very easy for me to do but it was difficult for others to accept my unconventionality.
      You know it amazes me that I find it so easy to accept mavericks and people who behave differently than for others to accept me,when I do things differently.
      I think this is a problem that I will have to battle with all my life. I will always be different and the sooner I and others accept me as I am, the better for all of us.


      1. I’ve felt very much the same way (although probably for different reasons), and I can’t say exactly when it changed but gradually it did. Now it’s just how I am. it may still be an issue for other people, but it’s less of one for me. What a relief.

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