More about me


I found it really difficult to write an ” About me’ page. For I am basically shy you see and am constantly worried about whether someone who knows me in real life would identify me and whether I will be socially outlawed- so I kept it very simple and non-offensive.

I would love to write about the problems I had at the workplace, workplace bullying, my reading habits, my job problems, the times I am criticized but feel I was not in the wrong and so much more but I know most people will not be interested in reading my rants unless they are written with self-depreciating humor- so I guess, other than some hints, I will not be going there.

I found it hard to leave out facts about my innate honesty and perhaps strictness with regards to rules, which makes me judgmental at times. There are always negatives to every positive trait one has.

I would like to learn more about crochet and crocheting projects as I blog( I wish there were more blogs to connect with which focused on crocheting), about how people dealt with workplace bullying in a multi- racial, multi- ethnic, multi- cultural environment, so I could improve myself and finally, I would like to blog and learn more about myself- what are the things I like to keep secret, what things do I run away from, how I would react if I was put in various situations and so on.