Last week

I have been busy last week- mostly being busy being myself but work kept me busy and I am never happier than when this is so.

Most of my co-workers took off this week because we had a Sports Day in between and combining the weekend they took a long weekend off- everyone is due to be back tomorrow. Their absence made my heart go fonder but is the actual reason I had more to do.I enjoyed being in charge though being the junior most member of the team.

At home every day at 4 am, my cat Sunshine wakes me up by the simple method of jumping on my middle. He then proceeds to look sweet and then when I wake up takes me to the stairs where he wants me to take him to the roof garden I have. When there he likes to browse through his plants and eat a few leaves. This daily ritual leaves me drained and also starts my day with a dose of exercise.

IMG_0942The other thing that happened is that I changed some of the appearance of my blog as per Blogging 101 tasks.

At home, the traffic is pretty bad again as people are back after a long and extended winter vacation. Schools have opened after the Spring Break.

Blogging 101 tasks have not taken as much time as they should have. I have a new writing job too- from the previous writing job, I have carried the legacy of being scared to accept assignments- so I tried to say “no” but this job is following me until i said “yes”. I personally do not understand this task- which is rewriting recipes. Other than the fact that I have become quite good at writing recipes and adding details, I do not see where this is going.

Blogging U.