An ode to my love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

25 years back, you came into my life,

Though at that time, I scarce did know it,

Being only 17 years of age at that time,

And not at the age for love by our culture.

Years later, when you became mine,

You told me that you had seen me and touched me,

During a Mantoux test you had given me

On my forearm as part of a research study

For young medical students.

This incident skipped my mind but it blows me away today.

Later, during my 4th year of college, you came back to my life

And made a full scale proposal to me.

And still I refused you being only 20 years at this time.

I am amazed at your persistence that has made me your wife today.

Two years later, my father approached your father

In a strange twist of fate,

For your hand to take care of mine.

In a totally unimaginable manner.

I became yours that day 22 years ago.

There have been many twists and turns in our lives since

But through your skillful handling of all the crises

You have not let a single one of these

Confront or attack me head on

You lead me by example and guide me through life.

And I accept your guidance because you have lived longer in this world and

Above all, you love me and I love you too !

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