Wall to Wall- Eye to Eye

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

My walls at home are bare- in my room that is. I am not a picture person and moreover, I do not know how to nail pictures into walls. My walls are made of concrete and require hard drilling in order to make a hole.Moreover I live in a home provided by the government which I would not like to desecrate with nail holes.

Given the chance I would like to decorate my walls with inspirational teachings, good lessons for life from great people or from ordinary people, daily planners, lists and the like.

I am not fond of pictures or photos as they bring back memories and I do not like to hang on to memories. Memories remind me of the life I have left behind and what I cannot have once more.

Time moves on.

2 thoughts on “Wall to Wall- Eye to Eye

  1. I’m impressed that you can say that you don’t like to hang on to pictures because they bring back memories. I can discard them sometimes but mostly I tend to hang on to them too long.

    But yeah, permanently hanging things on concrete does take a bit of dedication sometimes.

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