My blogroll

There are so many writers whose blogs I love to read and look forward to, sometimes even wondering where they are and what they are doing, if they haven’t posted in a while.

A few of these are :

1. R. Sativus ( I love this blogger’s writing because she was one of my first blog friends, so I am biased and also she is a great resource on nail art and radiates a lot of positive energy through her posts.

2. Sia Positive ( I love the descriptions on this blog about places this husband and wife duo have traveled and imagine myself having traveled with them, also love their cool photos, their poems and above all their friendship.

3. Priya’s versatile recipes for the great recipes which are adaptable and modern.

4. Sarah Wilson at IQS( this is a diet that really works for me- I am a late starter but so far so good and not so difficult to follow either)

5. Claire  from whom I learnt a lot of crochet, when I a was a novice and still learning.

6.Kim Scaravelli whose tongue-in-cheek humor I enjoy and am learning how to blog from her-I love her style.

7. File Cabinet Ramblings for those daily muses and thoughts/inspirations that keep me writing even when I don’t want to.

8. Kathleen Duncan for the strong, whole and wholesome woman that she is – who is an inspiration for many and a role-model to follow

9. Radha Bolisetti because I love her photographs and her views on life.

10. A journey to wholeness for the inspiration that she is and will be for many who follow her blogs and her life.

11. Good Woman whom I have recently made friends with and is a whole new inspiration for me and for many.

12. Notes from the UK– a blog from which one can learn a lot about new places, languages, comparisons between cultures and such.

13. Grandparenting from whom I am learning a lot about how to go about this job, if I become one. This grandmother is one cool and collected lady.

14. Michelle Medlock Adams for daily inspiration and courage- God knows, I need plenty.

15. From the C-Sweet : learn more about an artistic mom and her activities through this blog.

16. Joanne Rambling for news from Down Under, her personal take and her family figure a lot in her blog posts.

There are many more that I love and read and learn from – maybe another day !

Clone a drone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars

One of my very nefarious traits is wanting to know what happens at my neighbor’s -either at work or at home. So if I could clone myself, I would be an invisible clone of myself, performing functions like a drone does. Following people, looking over people’s shoulders, listening to conversations I wouldn’t otherwise dream of etc..,.

This will keep me up-to- date with the events that take place around me and help me further my career as a journalist or maybe even a paparazzi. My clone, who would function as my drone would be the person whom people would contact if they wanted any information about in my vicinity.

Who knows, I might even be able to open a detective agency.

I think I am looking for a career change here.