If I had so much work to do —-

I am sitting at my worktable and wondering how to spend the next 8 hours that  I  have to spend here. It is fast approaching the weekend – so the weekend strings do pull at my mind.

But I really wish I had something  to do.

unemployment picture -1

All I seem to do is to surf the net, walk to the bathroom, drink water, surf the net again ( read susieshy blog post to see if any one has commented on any of my posts or replied to any of my comments-I really enjoy these visits), think about how life was in my previous job, debate mentally about whether I must call a previous colleague at work, do room-visiting and gossip with one of my neighbours, read through emails, drink water, walk to the bathroom, go to yahoo mail, read through all  the yahoo news, then go to google mail , read through all the google mails, then come back to outlook hoping against hope that someone has sent me an official email that can possibly bring work my way, look through my calendar and think about my appointments that aren’t there and then do the whole thing all over again). I must have repeated this process about 50 times today.

You will understand how job less I am. But considering how it was when I was not earning my keep, this is infinitely better.

Sometimes I wish I could bring unfinished crochet projects to  work – I don’t do it for fear of being labelled lazy or “not working”. How much we humans  are affected by what others think of us !

Crochet -1

As I sit at my table, I can hear my next door neighbour snoring at his desk with his earphones on; the snores are so loud, the whole office resonates with them.

In another office I can hear  computer keys rattling-    and I wonder how some people have so much work and some (like me )are wondering why we are appointed in the first place- but I am not going to complain.

unemployment picture -2

So long as they pay me something for coming here each day.

But all this does contribute to workplace unemployment doesn’t it ?