Starvation amidst plenty

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

I have felt truly lonely, even when surrounded by family and everyone else, when I found no one understands me, why I think and act as I do and that I can be happy in spite of my non- conventionality.

I have a husband and children –  a 21 year old marriage, everything going well but I do feel lonely when I was considered an oddball as I gave up my job( mentioned in many previous posts) and chose to be unemployed rather than act against my principles and be forced to behave unethically. It surprises me even now that even my dearest and best can be un-understanding.

I would like to be understood- I do not mind being thought of as weird because as someone mentioned in a blog post recently, it is my weirdness that makes me distinctive.

Believe me, if one is mis-understood one can be as lonely as can be !


9 thoughts on “Starvation amidst plenty

  1. Well said ! can feel the pain. Many things we share. 20 years of marriage and presently not feel like doing job anymore. I echo your sentiments it can happen with anyone at a particular stage of life.


  2. As one who also took the high ground, ruined a career, and found out how many people I had trusted were ethically bankrupt, I hear you. A wise person once said (I paraphrase), better to be a lone voice crying in the wilderness…(fill in your own ‘than’). It is a hard road but the journey is part of your gift to yourself and God.

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  3. Judging by what transgressions occur daily in DC, it would be refreshing if politicians would be as righteous as you… and leave office. But loneliness is something one must contend with as unethical people fill the seas. I commend you.

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