The Five Photos- Five Stories Challenge- Day II

I am continuing with the doilies today- because I need to get these done before I meet my mother, later this month. I am so looking forward to meeting her. I cannot say if she will like the doilies but I will certainly try to do my best and give them to her. Here's where …

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The Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

Thanks to Lynn Love from Word Shamble at for directing me and challenging me to take this up. Lynn, this is for you. I had a writing slump for the past 3 weeks-there was absolutely nothing to write about and so nix posts from me. In the meantime, I caught up with some crochet and got …

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Talking my way out of difficulties

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Too Big To Fail." I would go talk to some people from my past, who have created problems for me, ( either with rude whisperings, not so behind my back or with comments to my face) and try to tell them that I am not guilty of those …

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Do we waste precious time ? Are we using our resources to the utmost? A very interesting perspective from

Pockets of Chaos

Spring ahead! It’s still winter, yet it’s time to set our clocks forward one hour, another example of bureaucracy at not-working! I believe that Daylight Savings Time was instituted during wartime to make the most of daylight hours. At a time when blackouts were not power failures but enforced curtain-pulling, non-lighting, sitting-in-the-dark realities, every hour of the sun had to be squeezed dry to achieve the survival of our country. Farmers and amateur Liberty gardeners needed daylight for crops and everyone needed the food. The war machine was on full blast, building planes and tanks and bombs, and so on, to fight the greatest evil the world had ever known.

As with so many government ideas, this “temporary” fix soon became permanent, like the income tax. The enforcers of this dumb idea, ignorant of or cavalier toward its negative impact, insist that this “law” protects children waiting for buses, for…

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