Talking my way out of difficulties

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

I would go talk to some people from my past, who have created problems for me, ( either with rude whisperings, not so behind my back or with comments to my face) and try to tell them that I am not guilty of those accusations.

For example that Pathology professor who pretended as though she could not recognise me, when I went to her for a scheduled extra class, because she said I didn’t come the day before( which was the day she had planned to conduct the class) and not the day I came( which was the day I was told to come).

Or to the Hygiene Secretary of my hostel, who put up a stinker on my door, saying” Please put your wastes in your basket and not on the floor outside, for these are obviously remnants of your meal”- Someone else had eaten food and thrown what remained outside my room and she thought I had done it and put up one of the dreaded ” Stinkers” outside my door. ( It hurt my 18 year old feelings).

Or to the Secretary of the place I worked in previously, who spread malicious rumours about me and tried to make life difficult for me at all times. I still plead not guilty.

I would try to meet these people and talk to them from my point of view- hopefully, I could convince them.

Or maybe I could laugh with them at these incidents and lighten up the atmosphere- who knows ?