Call from my past

After a long gap ( about 5 months), our landline phone has started working officially today. Why did it stop working, in the first place ? And why did we not get it repaired ?

For one thing, the landline phone was becoming a nuisance- there were calls from all unwanted callers at all times of the day- so much so that we used to pull out the connecting cord and plug the cord in only when we wanted to call someone and not to receive calls. Sometimes some persistent callers managed to get their calls through even in that short duration of time, when we plugged the cord in to call others.

One day the phone gave up and has been dead ever since. And considering how un-pressured we felt, we thought it better to not get it repaired, at least not so soon. So finally , today my daughter decided enough is enough and called the telephone company and in matter of five minutes, the phone was fixed.

No one was happier than my daughter, who is relaxing at home after a long period of studies and hard work. She started calling her friends and chatting.

During one of the gaps she took to catch her breath, the phone rang again. She picked it up thinking it was one of her friends and suddenly I heard her talking in clipped tones, as though she didn’t want to reveal too much. This much I was sure of- it wasn’t one of her friends and from her talk, I gathered it was one of my old colleagues, who wanted to establish connection from the past.

She had to hand over the receiver to me and I picked up the phone with trepidation. And true to what I had thought, it was a co-worker from my previous job. From previous posts, readers will know that this was a job I ran away from and with which colleagues, I didn’t want to socialise but given the delicate situation I was in, I had to respond.

Imagine my surprise, when I heard that she had left the job as well; soon after I left, the job situation had become intolerable and she had started applying to various positions around. And when she got an offer, she chose to jump ship.

For her the problems with the previous job place were, no promotions, no dignity, no respect, being discriminated against and all the usual. Basically employee dissatisfaction.

I am now thinking of why I left and did I do right in jumping off the ship when I did ? Did i have a sort of premonition that things would only go from bad to worse, if I stayed ? Was I being protected by my guardian angels when I made the decision, against all odds, against my husband, my family and children ?

I believe so.

I could not have continued working in a place, hoping things would turn around. I could not have worked in a place, where each day I had to take decisions that were against my conscience and against my very existence, where my existence as a human being was being questioned ? Could I continue in a place where I went to work with almost no sleep at night ? Could i work in a place where employees were appointed based on their connections and with blatant ignoring of rules – could I work in a place where there was rule of the jungle and where might was right ?

No way. I would rather stay at home and be my own self rather than be someone else in a world where there was no role for me.

Was I being too self-centred and self-protective when I left- was I being overtly sensitive- I guess so. But I am sure I am right and events hence have shown me that I was right and praise God that I could choose the road less taken when the time came.

One thought on “Call from my past

  1. Wow, I don’t think you were being self-centered to leave. The way you describe it, it was self-protective in the best way possible, a really healthy choice for your own well being. Way to go!

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