Earth hour

Yesterday we decided to switch off the electricity in our house for one hour, for the Earth hour. A few of our neighbours joined it. It took some preparation. I got a few candles ready and some matches. Then we popped some corn in the microwave, so we could while our time away during the hour and then we called our neighbours together for a tete-a-tete outside our house. It was fun. Sara provided lemonade for all and the popcorn was ours. We spent a long hour, even longer than what we planned to do, talking and socialising in a way, we had never done before. It made us realise how much our life was dependent  on technology and how much we missed talking to people the conventional way. A new experience in bonding with one another and our neighbours.

I needed to prepare dinner, in the middle, so by candlelight, I switched on the gas stove ( using a gas lighter) and cut vegetables and boiled rice- it was a first for me. I enjoyed it. We ate by candlelight too.

Thank you, Earth hour for allowing us to be together.

5 thoughts on “Earth hour

  1. Sounds like it was a good escape…and definitely an eye-opener on how much we rely on electricity. That also causes me great concern as well. While other country people like those in parts of Afghanistan can survive on meager standards, I fear the havoc it would cause us “spoiled” Americans…or any other developed society!


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