The Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

Thanks to Lynn Love from Word Shamble at for directing me and challenging me to take this up.

Lynn, this is for you.

I had a writing slump for the past 3 weeks-there was absolutely nothing to write about and so nix posts from me. In the meantime, I caught up with some crochet and got a couple of doilies done. The pattern can be found here : and I made a couple.

The doilies are simple and easy to make, or I would not have attempted them. I took up crochet because I hoped to be able to make doilies and table covers like my grandmother did. This was what made me take up this project.

IMG_1680This is my doily- I hope to make a set of 6 and hope to gift them to my mum, when I see her next. She will be reminded of her mother, my grandmother, I hope with these doilies. I am praying that I don’t run out of the cotton yarn before my projects are completed.

Thank you, Lynn, once again.

8 thoughts on “The Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

  1. Susie, what a great way to start the challenge- you make me want to reach for my crochet hook!
    Your doilies remind me of the ones my Nan had around her house too- sweet, delicate things, stitched on a fine needle, she had them on the backs of her chairs, on her side tables. She was a very ‘handy’ lady, always sewing something, from dolls’ clothes to embroidered pictures. She even, memorably, helped her local Women’s Institute knit a 3D copy of the town she lived in- church, duck pond and all!
    I do hope your mother loves them- I’m sure she will 🙂


    1. Thank you Lynn and I love your way with words- aka your Word Shamble posts- I think only the English can write this way- very Enid Blytonish, very Wodehousey, very Agatha Christie-ish.
      Great writing !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you- what kind very kind comments. If I could have a fraction of the success of these writers, I’d be delighted. At the moment, it’s just be and the lovely people I’ve met through blogging 🙂
        Best of luck with the rest of the challenge and the doilies


  2. I am glad Lynn Gave you the challenge. I guess i will have to start today and find someone else to challenge. The good thing us computer is home. A bit different but here. I am feeling better so hoping to get back on track. Such a talent to crochet beautiful things


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