Giving up sugar

I am addicted to sugar. I have been for almost all my life. Perhaps in childhood, my parents who didn’t know any better, sweetened my formula milk, so I would drink more. As I grew up, I remember putting my hand into the sugar pot and eating raw sugar- I was constantly doing this as a child. Later on, when I had a baby sister, I remember eating her baby formula by the tin, because it was sweet. Yeah, I know it sounds yuck, but I have done it.

In college, when I had a lot of adjustment problems, sugar was a constant friend. I ate chocolates, candy, peppermint by the ton, cream buns, coconut biscuits—, you name it , I have eaten it. Not in any controlled amount but by the gallon. Peppermint rolls were bought by the dozens and I could eat them non-stop. I love the flavour of mint and sugar. It opens up some part of my brain which is wired to appreciate these flavours together.

And don’t talk about cakes- I could eat cakes and cakes- not pieces but entire cakes, whole, eat and eat- there was no stopping it.

During my internship, I came to know I was hypothyroid and that was what was perhaps responsible for my insatiable appetite during my college years. I am on medication now and have been for more than 25 years, but the addiction continues.

Over the years, I started getting addicted to salt too- salt was not one of my primary favourite flavours but I gradually developed a taste for this too. With salt, came an addiction for fried foods, chips, nuts, any thing crunchy.

So you can see, I have eaten everything and done almost everything one shouldn’t do. I have been bad, people.

Last year, out of a job, and at home, I decided to use my surplus time to read up on my various failings. One of them was my sugar addiction. I came across a site called ” I quit sugar” by Sarah Wilson. Believe me, it gave me an almost entirely new perspective on life. I read about the millions of people who are addicted to sugar in the world and what sugar can do to one.

From July last year, I decided to give up sugar. It was difficult for about 2 days. Sarah advised us to eat more proteins to get over sugar cravings and I did just that. I bought lots of tinned tuna, soya milk, tofu, chicken, turkey, salami-things I hadn’t ever tried before. I was a very starchy person, you see.

Gradually, the drive for sugar went away and so did the pounds- without any effort literally, I lost about 10 kgs. No exercise, nothing. And this was after I had tried for 6 months before to lose weight by working out for more than 4 hours a day at the gym.

I have gradually conquered my sugar addiction- I do get a pull once in a while and I do give in. I was never an ice-cream person, thank God, so these were never a temptation but sometimes chocolate is.

I have learnt to eat proteins, when I think of sugar.

After about 8 months of keeping it up, I have started sugar again- its been about 2 months now- not so bad as before but it is still there.

I have decided to conquer it again and thought of writing this post to keep myself accountable. From today, April 28th, 2015, I have decided to give up sugar once more. Lets watch and see what happens.

I am trying to quit sugar once more.

Too-much, too-far

Often we get questions like :

Does my project need an ethical review ?

I am teacher and if I collect data from students after a class, would I need to have an ethics board review ?

These questions were becoming fast and frequent. We were being asked to determine if any thing teachers did needed ethical review.

I mean, think of it, does a teacher need ethics board approval in order to teach or to know from his students how his class went. If things go on this way, there will come a time, when the powers- that- be will decide that to talk to the person next to you, you will need ethics review.

When can too-much be taken too-far ?

Shouldn’t somethings be left to the individual’s own ethics to decide ; should there be always someone breathing down our necks and telling us what to do or what not to ?

We went to our institution’s head and asked him if the institution had an ethics board to decide on whether some thing was academic and not research- what was the line between academics and research ?

To date, I have read about the thin line between research and clinical practice but it seems there are more and more issues arising out of the interface between academics and research.

What do you think ?

Should there be a constant policing of the service sector – health care, research, training and education ?

Sounds of silence and dominance

Somedays so few words come out of my pen or my keyboard. I wonder where the old I has gone. What has happened to me ? Why are my fingers so quiet ? Why do I feel like I have nothing to say but my heart is so heavy that it would surely become lighter if only I would empty it ?

Why do I have a foreboding of evil ? Why can’t I unburden myself ? Why am I so dissatisfied with life ?

It started with my trip home. At the airport on my return trip, my husband says, ” I hate dominating women”. I am put to guessing about who we had met on our trip was dominating. The guessing game went on and on and never once would my husband give a frank answer. But from various hints and clues I could make out that he meant this for my mother. And I have been off mood ever since.

From time immemorial, women have been labelled as dominating. If they take care of the family and then offer advice to their husbands or children, solicited or unsolicited, they are considered dominating. There is no one to take their side. What if women or mothers or wives kept their mouths shut and just did jobs that they were stereotypically expected to do ?

No one would call them dominating. Perhaps just like dieticians tell us to fast every so often, women need to take a day off from talking and offering advice.

Perhaps then the world would appreciate them better !

The Five Stories – Five Photos Challenge- Day IV

I  know, I know, I have already posted today and two posts from me would be an overdose but I needed to make up for lost days right.

Well, today’s picture is another DIY project. It is something I learnt from another blogger Tonya at,who writes about how as a child she learnt to make clothes hangers which were colourful, sturdy and was a recycling project. One of her grandparents’ friends taught this method her, when she was but a little girl and now she uses it in school projects and at home.

I looked up youtube to learn how to do it exactly- I am not too good myself but the picture shows what I have done so far.

The project is how to recycle and use metal or thin clothes hangers and also use up left over bits of yarn so you have a useful product to use at home. If you take two metal hangers togetherIMG_1692and tape them together at various places, to hold them together, you could easily cover them with yarn.


I know they look rather shabby but I am learning to do them better. I used to throw away used hangers before but thanks to Tonya’s post I now have a few colourful and sturdy hangers that I use to hang clothes up, in a way that they don’t fall off.

Thank you Tonya.

The Five Stories- Five Photos challenge: Day III

Got a little busy and couldn’t post for a couple of days. One of the kittens I was looking after from last summer gave birth yesterday morning. I know it sounds odd but yes, as she is a stray, she was not neutered and here she is little more than a kitten herself and with 5 babies of her own. IMG_1688 The night before last she wanted to come into my house. She was not hungry. I thought her time had come.

We opened the laundry room for her- it is separate from the house and there is a box put there for any cat who found the night too cold outside. She went to lie down in it.

Yesterday morning, I went to look at her and there she was with 2 kittens. A few hours later, she had 5 of them. She was looking surprised to see so many wriggly creatures but in the way of nature, she grew accustomed to her new role and started licking her kittens. Soon thereafter she was suckling them. By evening she walked outside the laundry room, leaving her babies in box. She does not seem to mind all the curious, prying eyes around her. Now there will be 5 more mouths to  feed.

I need to take her to the vet to get her neutered. So that’s my story for today.