The Five Stories- Five Photos challenge: Day III

Got a little busy and couldn’t post for a couple of days. One of the kittens I was looking after from last summer gave birth yesterday morning. I know it sounds odd but yes, as she is a stray, she was not neutered and here she is little more than a kitten herself and with 5 babies of her own. IMG_1688 The night before last she wanted to come into my house. She was not hungry. I thought her time had come.

We opened the laundry room for her- it is separate from the house and there is a box put there for any cat who found the night too cold outside. She went to lie down in it.

Yesterday morning, I went to look at her and there she was with 2 kittens. A few hours later, she had 5 of them. She was looking surprised to see so many wriggly creatures but in the way of nature, she grew accustomed to her new role and started licking her kittens. Soon thereafter she was suckling them. By evening she walked outside the laundry room, leaving her babies in box. She does not seem to mind all the curious, prying eyes around her. Now there will be 5 more mouths to  feed.

I need to take her to the vet to get her neutered. So that’s my story for today.

11 thoughts on “The Five Stories- Five Photos challenge: Day III

      1. In my case, the cat doesn’t always leave the kittens. but once she did that. She had three kittens, all very pure white. But one of them was semi-black, don’t know how. But of course I know that was genetic 🙂 My son used to laugh that this one’s different from his siblings. The mother left him behind and it used to wander around alone then vanished. Hopefully he/she survived somehow.

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  1. I was wondering where you were! Those yellow eyes in the light fur: so striking. You could put an ad up for free kittens to good home after they are ready, or give them to a local shelter. If you think Momma is going to wonder off again, you can always keep one for yourself 🙂

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    1. Sam, I can sense an animal lover in your words. I have one indoor cat and three cats of the same litter as this one ( the kitten mother) whom I take care of outside. Then there is their mother that is the grandmother of these newborns who comes off and on. And they all know I have cat food inside the house- they somehow sense it. I try to teach them to eat fresh sardines, which are infinitely cheaper,but alas, they do not like it too much. So I am really up to my limit with cats now.
      Wishing you a happy Easter !


      1. can’t believe they don’t want the fresh sardines! Silly kitties. Yes, Susie, if it has 4 legs and a tail, I pretty much can’t resist it. I just love animals. I thought about volunteering at a shelter, but was afraid I would be bringing them all home 😉 Happy Easter to you too!


    1. No homes. Not possible in this part of the world. They will add to the “outside cats” I am feeding at present and some will die in the hot summer for lack of food and water and other natural elements. Sad, isn’t it ?


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