The Five Stories – Five Photos Challenge- Day IV

I  know, I know, I have already posted today and two posts from me would be an overdose but I needed to make up for lost days right.

Well, today’s picture is another DIY project. It is something I learnt from another blogger Tonya at,who writes about how as a child she learnt to make clothes hangers which were colourful, sturdy and was a recycling project. One of her grandparents’ friends taught this method her, when she was but a little girl and now she uses it in school projects and at home.

I looked up youtube to learn how to do it exactly- I am not too good myself but the picture shows what I have done so far.

The project is how to recycle and use metal or thin clothes hangers and also use up left over bits of yarn so you have a useful product to use at home. If you take two metal hangers togetherIMG_1692and tape them together at various places, to hold them together, you could easily cover them with yarn.


I know they look rather shabby but I am learning to do them better. I used to throw away used hangers before but thanks to Tonya’s post I now have a few colourful and sturdy hangers that I use to hang clothes up, in a way that they don’t fall off.

Thank you Tonya.

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