Sounds of silence and dominance

Somedays so few words come out of my pen or my keyboard. I wonder where the old I has gone. What has happened to me ? Why are my fingers so quiet ? Why do I feel like I have nothing to say but my heart is so heavy that it would surely become lighter if only I would empty it ?

Why do I have a foreboding of evil ? Why can’t I unburden myself ? Why am I so dissatisfied with life ?

It started with my trip home. At the airport on my return trip, my husband says, ” I hate dominating women”. I am put to guessing about who we had met on our trip was dominating. The guessing game went on and on and never once would my husband give a frank answer. But from various hints and clues I could make out that he meant this for my mother. And I have been off mood ever since.

From time immemorial, women have been labelled as dominating. If they take care of the family and then offer advice to their husbands or children, solicited or unsolicited, they are considered dominating. There is no one to take their side. What if women or mothers or wives kept their mouths shut and just did jobs that they were stereotypically expected to do ?

No one would call them dominating. Perhaps just like dieticians tell us to fast every so often, women need to take a day off from talking and offering advice.

Perhaps then the world would appreciate them better !