Too-much, too-far

Often we get questions like :

Does my project need an ethical review ?

I am teacher and if I collect data from students after a class, would I need to have an ethics board review ?

These questions were becoming fast and frequent. We were being asked to determine if any thing teachers did needed ethical review.

I mean, think of it, does a teacher need ethics board approval in order to teach or to know from his students how his class went. If things go on this way, there will come a time, when the powers- that- be will decide that to talk to the person next to you, you will need ethics review.

When can too-much be taken too-far ?

Shouldn’t somethings be left to the individual’s own ethics to decide ; should there be always someone breathing down our necks and telling us what to do or what not to ?

We went to our institution’s head and asked him if the institution had an ethics board to decide on whether some thing was academic and not research- what was the line between academics and research ?

To date, I have read about the thin line between research and clinical practice but it seems there are more and more issues arising out of the interface between academics and research.

What do you think ?

Should there be a constant policing of the service sector – health care, research, training and education ?