Giving up sugar

I am addicted to sugar. I have been for almost all my life. Perhaps in childhood, my parents who didn’t know any better, sweetened my formula milk, so I would drink more. As I grew up, I remember putting my hand into the sugar pot and eating raw sugar- I was constantly doing this as a child. Later on, when I had a baby sister, I remember eating her baby formula by the tin, because it was sweet. Yeah, I know it sounds yuck, but I have done it.

In college, when I had a lot of adjustment problems, sugar was a constant friend. I ate chocolates, candy, peppermint by the ton, cream buns, coconut biscuits—, you name it , I have eaten it. Not in any controlled amount but by the gallon. Peppermint rolls were bought by the dozens and I could eat them non-stop. I love the flavour of mint and sugar. It opens up some part of my brain which is wired to appreciate these flavours together.

And don’t talk about cakes- I could eat cakes and cakes- not pieces but entire cakes, whole, eat and eat- there was no stopping it.

During my internship, I came to know I was hypothyroid and that was what was perhaps responsible for my insatiable appetite during my college years. I am on medication now and have been for more than 25 years, but the addiction continues.

Over the years, I started getting addicted to salt too- salt was not one of my primary favourite flavours but I gradually developed a taste for this too. With salt, came an addiction for fried foods, chips, nuts, any thing crunchy.

So you can see, I have eaten everything and done almost everything one shouldn’t do. I have been bad, people.

Last year, out of a job, and at home, I decided to use my surplus time to read up on my various failings. One of them was my sugar addiction. I came across a site called ” I quit sugar” by Sarah Wilson. Believe me, it gave me an almost entirely new perspective on life. I read about the millions of people who are addicted to sugar in the world and what sugar can do to one.

From July last year, I decided to give up sugar. It was difficult for about 2 days. Sarah advised us to eat more proteins to get over sugar cravings and I did just that. I bought lots of tinned tuna, soya milk, tofu, chicken, turkey, salami-things I hadn’t ever tried before. I was a very starchy person, you see.

Gradually, the drive for sugar went away and so did the pounds- without any effort literally, I lost about 10 kgs. No exercise, nothing. And this was after I had tried for 6 months before to lose weight by working out for more than 4 hours a day at the gym.

I have gradually conquered my sugar addiction- I do get a pull once in a while and I do give in. I was never an ice-cream person, thank God, so these were never a temptation but sometimes chocolate is.

I have learnt to eat proteins, when I think of sugar.

After about 8 months of keeping it up, I have started sugar again- its been about 2 months now- not so bad as before but it is still there.

I have decided to conquer it again and thought of writing this post to keep myself accountable. From today, April 28th, 2015, I have decided to give up sugar once more. Lets watch and see what happens.

I am trying to quit sugar once more.