Giving up sugar

I am addicted to sugar. I have been for almost all my life. Perhaps in childhood, my parents who didn’t know any better, sweetened my formula milk, so I would drink more. As I grew up, I remember putting my hand into the sugar pot and eating raw sugar- I was constantly doing this as a child. Later on, when I had a baby sister, I remember eating her baby formula by the tin, because it was sweet. Yeah, I know it sounds yuck, but I have done it.

In college, when I had a lot of adjustment problems, sugar was a constant friend. I ate chocolates, candy, peppermint by the ton, cream buns, coconut biscuits—, you name it , I have eaten it. Not in any controlled amount but by the gallon. Peppermint rolls were bought by the dozens and I could eat them non-stop. I love the flavour of mint and sugar. It opens up some part of my brain which is wired to appreciate these flavours together.

And don’t talk about cakes- I could eat cakes and cakes- not pieces but entire cakes, whole, eat and eat- there was no stopping it.

During my internship, I came to know I was hypothyroid and that was what was perhaps responsible for my insatiable appetite during my college years. I am on medication now and have been for more than 25 years, but the addiction continues.

Over the years, I started getting addicted to salt too- salt was not one of my primary favourite flavours but I gradually developed a taste for this too. With salt, came an addiction for fried foods, chips, nuts, any thing crunchy.

So you can see, I have eaten everything and done almost everything one shouldn’t do. I have been bad, people.

Last year, out of a job, and at home, I decided to use my surplus time to read up on my various failings. One of them was my sugar addiction. I came across a site called ” I quit sugar” by Sarah Wilson. Believe me, it gave me an almost entirely new perspective on life. I read about the millions of people who are addicted to sugar in the world and what sugar can do to one.

From July last year, I decided to give up sugar. It was difficult for about 2 days. Sarah advised us to eat more proteins to get over sugar cravings and I did just that. I bought lots of tinned tuna, soya milk, tofu, chicken, turkey, salami-things I hadn’t ever tried before. I was a very starchy person, you see.

Gradually, the drive for sugar went away and so did the pounds- without any effort literally, I lost about 10 kgs. No exercise, nothing. And this was after I had tried for 6 months before to lose weight by working out for more than 4 hours a day at the gym.

I have gradually conquered my sugar addiction- I do get a pull once in a while and I do give in. I was never an ice-cream person, thank God, so these were never a temptation but sometimes chocolate is.

I have learnt to eat proteins, when I think of sugar.

After about 8 months of keeping it up, I have started sugar again- its been about 2 months now- not so bad as before but it is still there.

I have decided to conquer it again and thought of writing this post to keep myself accountable. From today, April 28th, 2015, I have decided to give up sugar once more. Lets watch and see what happens.

I am trying to quit sugar once more.

22 thoughts on “Giving up sugar

  1. Sugar is bad for me and i love cakes pastry but have just cut out sugar all starchy foods etc. So have not lost weight but seeing if it helps with other problems. Good luck with cutting out sugar look forward to updates


    1. Donna,
      It really works if we can stick with it. Other people report that skin becomes better and you pass less urine at night, but this I did not notice. Would you join in ? It would make it fun and we could be accountable to one another.

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  2. Susieshy45 – thanks for being so honest with us about the struggle. It resonated with me. Are you giving up natural sugars like fruit? I don’t think I could give those up, but I would be willing to try to ditch products such as sweets that are made with cane sugar. Are you giving up honey? Molasses? Agave sweetener? I’m curious because I want to give up sugars and products with additives so I learn from writers like you.


  3. Good Luck! So hard to give up. I believe you can do it. My first love is salt (amazingly I have very low BP) so pizza and chips are my downfall. When I worked on the farm and sweat all day, I’d come home for lunch and eat a bag of tostitos. Nothing else, just chips. So good. But I totally get the peppermint thing. Try peppermint tea (no sugar added!) for your craving, it usually works for me πŸ™‚

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      1. one step at a time is the way to go! Just focus on the sugar, once that is licked (heehee) go on to your next step. Have a plan of what you want to do, but only do one thing at a time, then it won’t be overwhelming πŸ™‚


      2. Fight the sugar urge…can you use honey or maple syrup? Maybe a natural sweetner can take the edge off, but not sure of the rules of your no sugar. Don’t worry about exercise or anything else while you are sick. And feel better soon! Colds are awful, dragging on forever


      3. No, totally nothing sweet at all.
        No honey, coconut sugar, agave, maple syrup- anyway, none of these would do for me. I need plain, white sugar, period.
        My system is primed for this and this is my sorrow.
        I think in childhood I was given sweet treats to be good and now I feel like I need the same, when I need to feel good.
        I guess that is the underlying psychology.
        Thanks Sam- and how have you been ?


      4. well, keep this in mind: I couldn’t do it, and I am impressed that you are trying! Habits from childhood are the hardest to break. I am good, thanks, I have my pony to play with πŸ™‚


  4. Good Luck Susie,
    Tomorrow (Monday in Australia) I am re starting my “Daniel Plan” and so I’m off sugars and various other things again, but yes Protien is a huge helper. I loost 10 kilos and then let my guard down, and today the scales told me a horror story, so tomorrow I am back to my plan!!


      1. Agreed! My father had type two diabetes and I had two gestational pregnancies, so therefore I am at a higher risk of developing it when I am in my 50’s hence the reason I am quitting now, why wait till I am in my 50’s.


      2. well according to some research I’ve read the sugar “high” that you get is more powerful than Cocaine.. I don’t know how true that is but I always know when I do detox I spend a few days feeling crap until it’s out of my system


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