To the vets tomorrow

Those following my posts will know, a few weeks back a stray kitten delivered 5 kittens in my outdoor laundry room.

Over the past weeks, she has lost 4 of them. One, she dropped when she was climbing with it, up a wall, perhaps to hide it from predators.

The second just disappeared. Rumor has it that one of the other hungry cats ate it.

Last week, the mother kitten ( I say kitten, because she is not more than 8 months old), brought all of them out of the laundry room. Because of the extreme heat, the kittens like to hide under the tyres of my car. And the inevitable happened.

Last week, my car ( I), unwittingly ran over the third kitten. I don’t want to write about it.

And the fourth disappeared mysteriously again. One moment it was there and the next, it wasn’t.

So she is left with just one of the five. I was just imagining if it was a human mother, she would have been in eternal mourning, for her kittens. But perhaps because she is a kitten herself, the mother does not seem to show sorrow.

And now there is one. A replica of the mother kitten.

Male cats are pursuing her again. Its been six weeks since her delivery.

I have fixed her up at the vet’s tomorrow, for her surgery. Starving and unable to take care of herself, I think this would be the best option for her. Inside my heart, I seem to be having second thoughts. Should I interfere with nature ?

Who knows ?

5 thoughts on “To the vets tomorrow

  1. That’s too sad. That’s the kind of life they have, these stray animals. Females of all species have a similar fate.
    Every year different cats take shelter at my house here. They hide at the back porch/verandah. I let them be there like you did in your laundary. We can only help them to an extent as more often than not, they won’t let us be near them. You can take her to the vet if she goes with you.

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  2. Thank you Sam and Alka- I am happy that you support me in my decision. A little sad because she will have no more kittens.
    I am not supposed to feed her after 8 pm tonight. How can I ensure she doesn’t eat anything from outside ? If I lock her up and her kitten, she gets frustrated. I feel like I am a very bad mother, seeing her distress. One way or the other is my call and I need to decide.
    Should I let my heart or mind decide ?


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