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I had a busy schedule today. I took the cat to the vet’s and am happy to report, so far, all is well. She’s come home and is eating well. She has breast fed her sole kitten and generally seems more demonstrative than usual. Perhaps I was not wrong in taking her to the vet ?

At work today, one of my colleagues took me “out for a walk”. This is an expression used in our office, when we step out in pairs or threesomes to discuss events of the day. Events or things, which we might not be able to discuss within the confines of the office, because walls are thin, you see.

So we stepped out. As I am new at this work, this was my first experience of going ” out for a walk”. The reason my colleague wanted to walk with me was she had some advice for me.

She had, apparently noticed that another colleague of mine, who has the same work designation as I, was “observed” as being overly bossy with me. Others had noticed that this woman, was giving me orders because of her seniority in the office or because she is just one of those people,who thrive on delegating work to others and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

So, S, my colleague warned me, that if I was not careful, I would be dealt with badly here and would have to take orders from someone who was not my supervisor. Incidentally, my own supervisor, intact, everyone’s supervisor, is off on a business trip to her country. In her absence, this particular woman had decided that the department was not running well, and she needed to take things into her own hands’. And one of the ways she had decided she was going to do this is by sending emails to the others in the office, asking them to do work for her.

My questions are :

1. How come some people automatically decide to take over the reins, in the absence of the leader ?Is it a human tendency to be a shepherd and look after “weaker” sheep or is it a human fallacy to just reap the benefits off someone else’s work ?

2. If  I need to bring this to the notice of my supervisor, ( Should I ?), should i do it during a departmental meeting or in private ?

3. Do I need to bring this to the notice of my supervisor ? Is it worth it ?

4. Is this a subtle form or workplace bullying ?

Answers are welcome, from those who have worldly wisdom.

10 thoughts on “Advice and comments

  1. #1: It’s instinct. It is also widely spread in the animal world: some beings just need to be on top of others, regardless of the quality of their own potential, at times considerably lower than their less leader-instinct peers. it is often a sign of poor assessment of the self in relation to others.

    # 2: If you are new there, there’s a considerable risk of being misinterpreted as the tattletale and the squealer around there.

    # 3: At this point, I suggest that it would be better to tell the person directly that there are no chances that you will do her part of the job; also, you may need more consistent evidence in the eventuality of reporting against her.

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  2. Hi Susie, I wrote you an answer also after your comment on my blog. Glad your kitty is better. 🙂 If others have warned you about the lady then stay as far away as possible from her. She sounds as if she has “poisoned” the atmosphere of the workplace. Take great heart that others there care enough, and respect you enough, to warn you about this person.

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  3. Its best to have an understanding of what your supervisor expects from you on each given day. If and when you accomplish his/her assignments you can think about helping out someone else. A person attempting to deter you from the supervisor’s instructions probably would not have much of a defense should the two of you be called out on it.

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