Love-hate challenge

Edwina of Edwinasepisodes has nominated me to this challenge. Thank you Edwina.

In this challenge, I have to list 0 things that I love and 10 things I hate and I will nominate 10 bloggers to do the same.

Things I love ;

1. Greenery

2. Animals, especially dogs

3. Children

4. Books,

5. Kind people

6. My husband

7. Learning new things

8. Writing

9. Being appreciated

10. Friends, especially blog friends

Things I hate

1. Office politics

2. Bullying

3. Reckless driving

4. People who will not allow change

5. Smug people

6. Fights

7. Meeting people I dread meeting

8. Money troubles

9. Inability to buy all the books I want

10. Not being able to protect my plants and my outdoor pets from the intense heat

My 10 nominees for the Challenge, should they wish to participate.

Thank you Edwina, once more !

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