Work and meetings

The day passed quickly today. Ask me why ?

We had two meetings, each of an hour. I never thought I would live to see the day I enjoyed a meeting but now I do. A meeting takes some time off our not-so-busy schedule and it is something to do 🙂

So work started at 8 a.m as it usually does and I reached on time. Very few of the others were in office, so I was in good time. A cup of tea and having connected my phone to its charger, I sat down at my desk to another mundane day.

In time, I was visited by the office’s visiting lady- I will call her that. She talked to me about this and that and wanted to know why I wasn’t passing the time of the day with her as I did before she went on vacation. A few weeks before I had written about this lady warning me about ” the work bully” and I had a few blog friends warning me to be wary of her too, in addition to the work bully. So I was minding my own life and trying to keep things professional between her ( the visiting lady) and me and she had noticed ! She wanted to be more ” noticed”- apparently, this wasn’t enough. She wanted to spend the time of the day with me, her advising me about how I must conduct my affairs- I feigned interest for a while and later told her that I am not interested in keeping up with social graces and would like to be left alone, if she pleased; to which she replied, I would be labeled ” anti-social”. To which I replied, ” I have some work i need to catch up on now, so talk to you later”. How is that for courage ?

I am doing well these days, in terms of courage and guts, I think.

Then we had to walk across to one of the other neighbouring colleges for a monthly Research administration meeting. It was held in a reputed Medical College and as usual, while walking to the meeting-room, my thoughts were  about how much I missed being in medicine. I also thought about why I had applied repeatedly over 10 years’ to different jobs in this Medical College and had never once even been considered for a job interview. Thoughts of inadequacy and my academic qualifications began to plague me once more. Before I could sink deep into depression, we arrived at the meeting venue. We were one of the first to arrive. Soon thereafter, at least 4 ladies walked in from different colleges, Research Administrators’ all. The discussion today was on the new grant that had been opened for proposal submission and how Research Offices must read the Request for Proposal and what each Research Office’s take was on the RFP. It was an eye-opener for me. These ladies, were really serious about this Research Administration business and had read the RFP thoroughly, as I would have read a text book- their RFPs were marked, highlighted, crossed, asterixed and written over in so many colours. And the discussion was intelligent, effectively handled and productive. Kudos to the Research Administrators of the world and their work !

After this meeting, my boss and I walked across to an IRB related meeting. We wanted to see if our human subjects research proposals would be reviewed by their Ethics Body. But true to form, we got no solid answers. So we still don’t know. Being an engineering college, ours does not indulge in too much of human research and so as per local guidelines, is not eligible to set up its own Ethics Body.

By this time, the day was almost over and I had only a half hour to kill before I went home. The visiting lady had left and so I was at an advantage and so had many of the others, because it was a Thursday and people tried to take an early weekend off, so they could do their own fun-things.

So I am back home now and typing up details of my work day- for this week.