The pope and climate change

What a message to give the world ! I was watching a CNN news program by Christiane Amanpour, where she was reviewing a statement or treatise released by the Pope on this issue. He said the earth was “one massive pile of filth.”

i am so glad that someone with so much of influence on the world has brought this up and hope that some change will happen in people’s attitudes and behaviour because of the beliefs of the pope.

The pope must have meant it metaphorically, I feel. In an outward way, he wanted the world cleaned and spruced up so it can look shiny and clean but perhaps he meant that human hearts and souls, behaviour, thoughts, deeds and all such. Just think if we could extrapolate this into our lives.

In my life, I would want to clean up my addictions- to sugar, to depressive thoughts, to lack of self-confidence thoughts and so much more. If I am confident and love myself, it will be easy to make the world love me for what I am.

If I am a bully, it would do me good to love myself and change me, before I try to change others.

If I were a reckless driver, how amazing it would be if I could make my own driving safe, before I ask others to move out of my way, so I could drive faster and speedier.

In the sports arena, if fans and players would decide to play for fun and for the sport itself rather than for money, the game  would become more enjoyable and it would be closer to the original aim for which sports was set up Рto bring unity among people.

Every religious leader has told us to change ourselves before we attempt to change the world. And it is so true. If we are filthy ourselves, how can we expect the world to be clean.

How I wish I could clean up the filth in my life and my house before I think of being judgmental and try to clean others up.