Crumbs !!

A couple of days before, I went to a meeting in the room of one of my colleagues. I had just finished eating two sausage rolls, oh so crumbly and crusty. Faithfully, the rolls did what they were supposed to do- crumble and crack but they did one additional thing, they cling to anything. There were crumbs on my trousers and the front of my shirt. I managed to dust them off and run off to the meeting. ( The meeting was called at short warning- we often have such meetings,when one of us wants to update the others on something- in non-formal terms, it would be like a gossip session, to catch up on all the gossip- but in my case, it was so all of us could get some grant updates). I walked into my colleagues room, tall and straight, confident that my trousers and shirt were dusted and clean and my hair looked good and my makeup was alright.

Imagine my surprise and horror, when the first comment I heard, was, ” you have crumbs on your face, around your mouth”.

Crumbs !!

( Being the nice lady that she was, my supervisor gave me a tissue and also her make up mirror to set myself right).

Have you had any such embarrassing moments ?

26 thoughts on “Crumbs !!

  1. Constantly!!! Working with kids, you end up with paint/ glitter/ stickers in places you don’t even know, until you are in front of a mirror, or until some kind folk tell you!!!

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      1. I cook a lot , with colourful spices- so it goes without saying that some of these get under my fingernails and I never noticed, till I went out into the sunshine and then noticed. Wonder how many others had noticed and thought – “how ill kept are her nails”.

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      2. Hi Susie, I do anything and everything…I was the craft instructor at a Senior Center for a few years. I loved the job! I can do a little bit of everything in a passable way because of that employment. I guess my favorites are painting, pressed flower work, and right now I am trying to figure out to copy a beaded necklace I bought while on vacation. I’m about halfway through it now. I’ll let you know when I am finished and try to include a pic somewhere for you to see. I am not good enough at the beading to post about it. I am sure I would direct people in the wrong way to do the beading. :/


  2. First week on a new job. White skirt. Monthly event started while I was sitting down working hard. I was working so hard I didn’t notice. Got up to ask a question. Supervisor told me to go wash up. Yep. Embarrassing!

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    1. Happened to me so many times, right from school- white uniform, with stains, right in critical areas. Then the mad rush to the washroom to wash off all stains and the anxiety of getting home, walking with people on the road not noticing.

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  3. Oh Yes Susie! I have had those moments. In fact one will probably be a blog post someday called “The Perils of Pleather.” I wore an old, old pair of knee high boots to church. I noticed something felt funny at my ankles, but alas, did not check in the mirror before I left. It wasn’t until I came home I noticed the boots were so old the pleather had ripped away from the seam in the back and was flapping back and forth in the breeze. I wonder how many people noticed! This is just one in a multitude of “Oh NO,” moments. What a nice supervisor to let you know. 🙂


  4. i embarrass myself constantly. I always seem to spill a bit of my lunch on my front. I shouldn’t say always. It only happens when I have a meeting with important people after lunch…those days when I really want to look my best.

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  5. Tons! I don’t know how many times I’ve looked in a mirror after being out and about and asked my husband how long I’d had something on my face. And of course he only has two answers to that–‘I didn’t notice’ and ‘I wanted to see how long before you noticed.’ At least she was nice enough to point it out to you!

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